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I never had my chance to play “never have I ever” on the trolley … so here is my first go:  ”Never have I ever” spent a summer day in Chicago on a trolley, in a Halloween costume, playing drinking games with a bunch of gainfully employed 30 and 40 somethings (minus Pascale) — neither should you, so I will spare you the recount.


With any group of strong-willed people drama will ensue, and this episode is where we begin to see what everyone’s been anticipating. It’s old news that I had asked Phillips to take on the creation of my FLATS hard-hat party uniforms, which, considering her line of work, doesn’t seem like a daunting task (or so I thought.) Once we get Phillips down from her keg-stand of crazy, she lets Tara know she is too busy to take on my commission.  Two problems here. First, she should have told me personally. It wasn’t a big deal. And second, it’s not rocket science from my point of view. Order a few rugbies or polos and have my logo screen-printed onto the garment. I’m thinking Mensa might not quantify common sense when scoring their applicants.


I found the fancy, chef-clad, unnamed (wait, who’s home is this again?) private roof deck party scene very telling of the different roles that Vince and Lonnie play within their business. It was eye opening to hear Lonnie ask Vince and me who was responsible for him not being awarded the FLATS hard-hat party business. I had always sort of assumed Vince and Lonnie were only nightlife club guys. I stand corrected, as it seems Lonnie is all about moving their business to another level. Lonnie really shows the professionalism he brings to his clients in this scene and episode but unfortunately, at that point, it was way too late for my party. Y’all know a Jewish girl doesn’t plan her wedding in a fortnight.


In typical fashion, when I go antiquing at one of my favorite Edgewater shops (Brimfield) with Pascale, I end up standing in between recovered flannel sofas, random tchotchkes straight out of a country lodge and taxidermy while dropping a big bomb. Or as it becomes referenced in the show, “The Rumor,” that Vince was caught escorting a blonde lady out of his apartment building one morning while dating Jessica. The good news is if this is in fact only a rumor, there is nothing to worry about as the truth will come to light — and will hopefully be in Vince’s favor, as I see courting Jessica as one of the best decisions he’s ever made. To me, the highlight of the conversation was my proclamation that I didn’t want to be a gossip or yenta — well, as the saying goes, if the show fits …


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