The FLATS™ Model by CB2

The Flats Model by CB2 in Uptown



The Flats Model by CB2 interior image

 Jay Michael and CB2

I recently collaborated with CB2 on our upcoming FLATS™ apartments. Simple, clever, and all around great design. They nailed it.


A big part of what FLATS™ does is to make living well easy.  In search of a collaborator for the FLATS model, CB2 was the shining star all around.  First, they are born and raised in Chicago…like FLATS, but more than that, they understand BigStyle in SmallSpace as well as we do.  They’re clever and current, spare and simple, and, like FLATS, obsess immensely over the little details. Check out the FLATS™model by CB2, and be sure to book a VIP appointment … I’m excited to show it off.


Check out the 10 reasons to love the new FLATS™ model  here.

 The Flats Chicago model by CB2 Collage

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