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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to reality TV, and I’m no different.  Although a bit late to the game (since I didn’t even get BRAVO at home until late December), I can now proclaim that I am a subscriber and addict. I mean, what the heck was I watching all those years? What was life like before a weekly dose of “Shahs” on the treadmill at the gym? When I got the initial call to be on “100 Days of Summer,” I was reluctantly excited, and now that we’ve launched, I can proudly say that I am really glad I did it.

Everyone seems to be buzzing about why the six of us were chosen to do this show, and I thought I’d start my first installment by explaining who we are:


Ray:Ray is the handsome former Bears player (or in his words, “playa”). If that’s not Chicago, I don’t know what is. Ray’s smoking hot girl Hamida (NOT Hamika, Pascale) finds herself getting a bit sassy with Pascale, but I call them out as “soon-to-be besties,” which seems pretty unlikely at this point. Either way, Ray’s got his hands full.


Vincent: Vince is the heartthrob charmer of this lot. The Gatekeeper of Chicago nightlife, Vince runs an agency that represents restaurants and nightclubs. He admits to shagging 60 gals in one summer, which is probably making his lover Jessica a bit uneasy, but I suppose it is par for the course when you court the “gatekeeper.” Jessica says it best in her pickup line: “I will never date you, but we’d have amazing sex!” I happen to think they look incredible together — especially on that “yacht.”


Tara: Tara is the blonde bombshell, a veterinarian who comes from great wealth (she happens to be my pup Louise’s vet), and everyone needs some of that on a reality show. Tara’s boyfriend Mark is this “action-figure” perfect, corn-fed Midwestern man who is sort of dragging his feet when it comes to next steps while Tara and her girlfriends are planning wedding dances in his backyard. I hope Mark bites the bullet soon — to call Tara a “catch” would be an understatement.


Phillips: Tall, blonde, smart (she’s in Mensa, as she repeats [and repeats] in this episode), big breasts and a designer of dog clothing to match its owner … she is special, to say the least. Her dog, Nigel Barker, is her personal assistant as she works with me to develop a FLATS uniform, and even though my team is totally over her, I think she will out-perform their expectations. She has a thing for Jewish gay men with big thighs, so we have a lot to talk about.


Pascale: Pascale, recently back from LA to launch her new jewelry line, has zero tolerance for BS — a trait we share. I have never seen anyone photograph as beautifully as Pascale. Even when she’s about to go into an “ugly cry” while yelling at Phillips, she looks stunning. No matter what anyone says, even Pascale, I sense a history between Pascale and Vince, but that’s neither here nor there, as Vince and Jessica seem to be maintaining a strong bond thus far.


Me: I am gay, Jewish, hopelessly single and a workaholic with a side of arrogance. I am proudly gay but I’m not willing to be stereotyped, even though I find it acceptable to have an installation of 43 porcelain penises above my fireplace. Lucie, my housekeeper, thinks it’s gorgeous, even after she figures out what she’s really looking at. But I am not taking her too seriously after she secretly feeds my new dog Louise cookies and tells her (and the world), “Your daddy’s no good.”


Tune into BRAVO Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. CST/10 p.m. EST to check out the excitement, then find me here each Wednesday, where I’ll dish on what really happened. Want in on the action? Tweet me at @jaymichaeliving.


By Jay Michael

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