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So I try not to live with regrets, but I’m sort of pissed that I missed the J. Parker rooftop party — and subsequently the biggest fight on the show to date. For God’s sake, it was my comment that started the whole debacle and I wasn’t there to watch it all go down.  Thankfully, it was filmed, so I can watch and replay the scene over and over again while we suffer through this Polar Vortex!


There are so many sides to the story of this rumor, but my version goes like this … I hear a little something that questioned Vince’s loyalty to Jessica, so in true yenta fashion, I share the story with Pascale. Our young whippersnapper Pascale doesn’t know what to do with this information, so she decides to share it with Vince’s best friend. Bad idea, but just what we needed to instigate a group bathroom fight scene. And let’s be honest here, I may have been the yenta and Pascale the messenger, but everyone else sat on the sidelines stirring the pot or talking about the matter behind closed doors — it’s so Chicago to talk behind peoples’ backs while acting coy and friendly face-to-face.  This is still the Midwest.


Truth be told, I wasn’t able to get to the party because I was focused on getting my FLATS Hard Hat party to the finish line. It was my choice not to work with Vince, so I will take the hit for that, but the uniforms … come on, Phillips. My mascot is a French bulldog and we are one of the most dog-friendly real estate companies in Chicago, which is so in line with your brand! We will have to agree to disagree here.


With only 100 days of summer, I didn’t have much time to create and launch The FLATS brand in a part of the city where Chicagoans seldom visit, let alone live. Sorry I missed the fight, girls. I was busy making short-sleeve FLATS-branded rugby shirts at the T-Shirt Deli in my new neighborhood that only took a day. Let’s just say I am glad these girls got all this screaming off their chests this week, because next week is all about my FLATS Hard Hat launch event and there better not be ANY drama there, or stuff is gonna hit the fan and it will be UGLY!


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