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If there’s one thing that really confuses me about this Vince rumor, it‘s why no one has ONCE confronted me about what was said on the show. Jessica and I spoke after the J. Parker party, since I wasn’t able to attend, but it doesn’t really seem like she’s the one stirring this pot. In fact, it almost seems as though Jessica got her issues off her chest in the bathroom fight and is ready to move on. She doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge. But it seems someone is really trying to play “cool kid on the playground” and bully Pascale by rallying the group to avoid her at my FLATS launch party … girl, you better back off!


To be honest, there is about nothing I hate more than a bully, especially when it’s disguised in sheep’s clothing. There is a real sort of poetic justice to reality TV. Once it begins airing, you really get the chance to learn what everyone was saying and doing behind closed doors, leaving no room for denial since it’s all caught on camera. Our busty blonde bully should have come after me considering I was at fault!?


Thankfully, there was no drama at the FLATS launch event — aside from me acting a little bossy to my team (or sort of very bossy) and a few of my silly “100 Days” friends ignoring Pascale. Overall the event went off without a hitch, and there was a wonderfully contagious energy that lasted long into the night. Although, it is now very clear to me that Vince would not have been good at planning the FLATS launch event, especially since he wasn’t able to understand what we were really doing.


Uptown has long been a cultural and arts hub of Chicago, so converting empty buildings into pop-up galleries is not only appropriate and smart, but also very aligned with what’s culturally relevant at the moment. Therefore, understated pop-up art gallery events over bottle-popping white parties at tragic nightclubs are more appropriate. The good news is the guests were impressed, the alderman was grateful and most importantly, we were able to show our dedication to creating living environments that provide big style in small spaces while enhancing the community by providing artists with a platform. Oh, and by the way Vince, the FLATS pop-up gallery idea has become such a major catalyst to building community in Uptown, it now has its own brand called FLATSstudio (Flatsstudio.com). Who am I really kidding though, my mother Fran loved the event and she’s always been my harshest critic.


Speaking of mothers, Ray never makes it to my home for dinner at the end of the episode because of horrible news he receives. It was that evening that his mother had lost her long and heroic fight against cancer. It was humbling yet heartbreaking to see Ray so hurt and distraught. Ray, your mother must be prouder than ever watching you from above, and I thank you for sharing such an intimate and emotional part of your life with all of us.


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By: Jay Michael

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