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There are a few things in life we know as certainties…death, taxes and in my case, a morning call from my mother, Fran! A call I will never take for granted.


My father gave me a great deal of advice throughout our time together, but what has always stood out the most was him saying, “you’ll miss me when I’m gone.” He was very right.


So at 6:59 am or so most mornings, I take a call from Fran with her report of the daily family news from her den in Skokie. “Your brother Mark is good, tax season is making him crazy… your brother Steve is lecturing at some weird university in China and he forgot his phone charger at the airport….your nephew scored high on his ACT and is now considering UCLA….oy vey and my thumb is still broken – you have no rachmunis (“empathy” in yiddish) for an old lady with a broken thumb…. But that’s all for today – live from Skokie, Illinois, this is Fran Michael with the Michael Family News.”


Her messages are strong, often funny, even stoic…but usually best after a few Xanax (just kidding)…but really from mall walking to movie going – Fran Michael takes her story telling and so called reporting live today as we embark on her newest project, FRAN-The Magazine … coming soon!

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