Meet the Cast of Bravo’s 100 Days of Summer


New York City, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, Miami. With all of these major hotspots, there’s still a major city missing from Bravo’s lineup — Chicago — and now, the Windy City is coming in with full force. 100 Days of Summer (premiering Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c) follows six professional coeds, as they work hard and play hard in Chi-Town. But how much heat can just a few months of summer pack? “Chicago is already at the top of most lists,” says cast member Vincent Anzalone. “Throw in Chicagoans who have been cooped up for nine months of bad weather, and you get an energy that is truly palpable.” We spoke with Vincent and the other go-getters for a preview of their new series.

Vincent Anzalone

Career: partner at event promotion and marketing firm
Fun fact: He’s the ladies man of the group
Personality type: “Friendly, fun and silly,” says Anzalone. “It’s important to never take me too seriously, and always be prepared for me to push the boundaries of what’s appropriate.”
What to expect this season: “You will get a glimpse of the two parts of who I am — I’m pretty wild when I’m single and devoted when I’m in a relationship. The problem is the transition between the two,” he admits.


Ray Austin

Career: businessman, model, actor, sports talent scout
Fun fact: He is a former professional football player for the Chicago Bears
Personality type: “I’m a doer and very self motivated,” says Austin. “I love helping and supporting people.”
Why he loves Chicago during the summer: “The people, the weather, the food, the festivals, the skyline, the parties,” he raves. “Oh, and did I mention the food? Enough said!”


Pascale Wellin

Career: jewelry designer
Fun fact: Chicago is her hometown
Personality type: “I am an extremely hard working and outspoken person,” says Wellin. “I believe that you cannot get what you want unless you go for it.”
What to expect this season: “You will see me return to my hometown after living in L.A. It is not an easy road but I am determined to make every day count and come out on top,” she says.


Tara Clack

Career: veterinarian
Fun fact: She loves watching and playing sports
Personality type: “I try to play peacemaker, as much as possible, in all the drama that unfolds with our group of friends,” says Clack.
What to expect this season: “You will see my boyfriend and I try to figure out the next step in our relationship, though we may each have a different idea of what that should be,” she teases.


Phillips Demming

Career: clothing designer for humans and dogs
Fun fact: She’s a Mensa member, a.k.a. a genius
Personality type: “People always seem to describe me as eccentric, but I see myself as very normal,” she says. “Most people seem to disagree.”
Why she loves Chicago during the summer: “Chicago can be so cold and dreary during the winter so when summer arrives, we make the most of it,” she says. “It is the perfect place and time to take in the beautiful parade of Midwestern man-thighs — if you are into thighs, which I am!”


Jay Michael

Career: real estate developer (and self-proclaimed “lifestyle architect”)
Fun fact: He’s a hopeless romantic
Personality type: “Is there such thing as a warm, loving Type A?” he asks.
What to expect this season: “I go on lots of dates, but I’m still holding out for Mr. Right,” he says. “I’m definitely on the daddy track, with or without a partner.”


By Elizabeth Wagmesiter

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